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How to assess if you need an in-house IT team?

26 November 0

Ask any IT professional the best way to getting expert solutions to IT issues for small businesses and all would vouch for IT solutions company that also offers IT assessment services. Businesses all around need IT team who can help them navigate their business through the gushing flow of IT innovation. Each and every department in an organization plays a crucial role in taking it higher.

It is imperative for businesses to consider including an in-house IT support team as well. But since small businesses are a low on IT budget, they are in no position to hire an entire team of IT professionals with specialization in each IT division.  Generally, most of these businesses have a single IT technician to look after the entire IT environment.

A person can be perfect at managing and recruiting, but he can’t be proficient in tackling IT issues. No matter how untrained IT recruiters are, they have to look after the process of acquiring IT team. The recruiter can only gauge an employee’s ability on the basis of his resume but cannot evaluate if he is fit for the job or not.

Most often having an In-house IT team means being uncertain about what one will get out of it. Sometimes businesses find going for it services companies near me as a better option.

Thus, we have here for you a few things to keep in mind before considering hiring an in-house IT support:

  • You Assume All the Risk When You Keep IT in House
    If anything is to go wrong with your IT, who you would want to take its responsibility? IT breakdowns are frequent in a business operation. If there is a significant breakdown, the IT will get engaged fixing it, probably leaving the current task, no matter how important, as it is. But network breakdowns are not the only issue a business can face. During cyber-attacks and disaster, the business can come crumbling in no time.
  • You’re Leaving the Keys to One Individual
    Having a small or a single-person IT team means the person would be in charge of the entire IT support needs. The technician would develop a deep understanding of the entire business process including confidential information. In case professional leave the organization, you would be left with no choice than to find a replacement. But there is a higher risk of getting the information leaked outside. Most often, it has been found that ex-employees are involved in data breach cases.
  • It Can Get expensive to Keep IT In-House
    In this competitive IT industry, it is relatively hard to acquire talented IT team. For small businesses, it can get costly to hire IT professionals for even the most basic IT needs like server security, network monitoring, and help desk support.
  • There is a Shortage of Qualified IT Professionals in the Workforce
    Over half of the businesses fail to find IT security professional that is capable of offering security services to businesses. The major drawback of this shortage is that IT security professionals are more likely to leave the company for a better opportunity.